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Project:  Steampunk Pumpkin #3

I just wanted to start off by saying <3 THANK YOU <3 to everyone who has liked and reblogged my projects.  I really appreciate all the love and support.  It encourages me to continue on my creative path via the internet.  You all rock!  (^_^)b


I never thought I would see the day I’d make a gas mask…for a pumpkin, until now.  I made it from a 12” x 18” craft foam sheet.


This concludes my Steampunk Pumpkin Project.  I’ll hook you all up with a tutorial by Monday.  Have a great weekend!

Content theft, isn’t flattery! It’s THEFT!

Even though they referenced my project, what she posted wasn’t a derivative of my project, IT WAS MY PROJECT.  /facepalm

To make matters worse, eHow makes it practically impossible to report anything like this.  In fact, they request me to send a proper C&D to their corporate offices from my attorney.  It’s Demand Media, this doesn’t surprise me.  They’re in the business of content creation, thus they’ll take any content people are willing to place on their site, and will only release it if you’re willing to sue them.

How to Make a Steampunk Helmet

updated August 16, 2011

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My Conundrum

On one hand,  I really enjoy making tutorials for affordable craft projects.  It is my helpful contribution during this recession.  But on the other hand, people are just going to take my ideas and put their name on a so-called “derivative” and publish it as their own.  Frustrating.  Really, really frustrating.

Project: How-To Make An Affordable Steampunk Helmet By Yamiguru

I have created a penny saving tutorial for everyone to be able to enjoy the wonderful world of Steampunk.  Meet… The Helmet.


Step 1:  I purchased this Construction Hard Hat at a local Thrift Store for 2 dollars and fifty cents.  You are welcome to buy one brand new for less than ten dollars as well.  Make sure you take a damp rag and wipe away any dirt.


Step 2:  Remove all the straps and harness that are located inside the helmet and put them aside for later.  Spray paint the helmet by using a flat black spray paint.  Flat black works better than Satin or Gloss.  Tip: I make sure to get the inside of the helmet as well.  As I’m spray painting the helmet, I try to hold the spray can a little away from the helmet to prevent the paint from running.  Important:  Please use spray paint in a well ventilated area (outside is best).  And if you don’t like paint on your hands, I recommend wearing rubber gloves.


Step 3:  While your paint is drying, gather up your other materials you will need.  I got some stencils, Rub ‘n Buff - Pewter, white colored pencil, half pearl embellishments, a glue gun, and glue sticks.


Step 4:  Once the paint is dry, use a white colored pencil to trace out lines or designs you would like on your helmet.  I used cogs and gears as my stencil.  Tip: Don’t worry if some of the spray paint comes off when you are drawing your pattern on the helmet.


Step: 5:  Use your glue gun to trace the lines you made with the white colored pencil.  Add your embellishments along the lines you made or in the corners.  Tip:  Make sure to clear away any spiderwebs from your helmet (I call the left over glue spiderwebs).


Step 6:  After all the hot glue cools, take the Rub ‘n Buff - Pewter, add a little to your finger tip,  and finger paint the hat.  Tip:  This is really potent stuff, so a little goes a long way.  Once you have painted your helmet to your liking, seal your helmet using a Clear Matte Finishing Spray Paint.  Update:  I just found out that there is the potential for wrinkling to happen when you utilize two different types or brands of paint/clear coat, so if your flat black differs from your clear coat, this can happen.


Step 7:  Finally place the harness and straps back inside your hard hat and there you have it!  The Steampunk Helmet!


You are more than welcome to add other things to your Steampunk Helmet, like goggles, or a head lamp.  I’ll make sure to make another tutorials on Steampunk Accessories.  So stay tuned :)